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One Minute Mysteries: Short Mysteries You Solve With Math! • ¡Misterios Cortos que Resuelves con Matemáticas!

Math is universal! Why learn it just in English?
“¡Las matemáticas son universales! ¿Por qué aprenderlas sólo en Inglés?

Now you can solve mysteries in English, Spanish or both. This award-winning title, for ages 10-14, is now available as a bilingual book. Use it to expand your language and math skills at the same time.

Bilingual Science and Math Mysteries Book Set

It took science and math to break the sound barrier, now they will break the language barrier!
Two award-winning titles from the One Minute Mysteries series are now available as bilingual, Spanish-English, editions.

¡Tomó ciencia y matemática para romper la barrera del sonido, ahora van a romper la barrera del idioma!
Dos títulos premiados de la serie One Minute Mysteries ahora están disponibles en ediciones bilingües, español-inglés.