Learn More about Leonardo da Vinci

Want to learn more about the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci was involved in anatomy, botany, painting and drawing, and inventing machines from scuba suits to the precursor to the helicopter. da Vinci was an extraordinary intelligent man who dreamed big!

In the book, Leonardo da Vinci Gets A Do-Over, three present day-American middle school students are introduced to the Maestro as he begins his quest to create something to better for human kind after being brought back to life. While Leonardo learns about modern advancements, he teaches Tad, Max, and Gina about his past. From the Black Plague, to painting the Mona Lisa, and much more.

This book is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about an influential man, as well as other topics such as math, science, art, history, and more.

"An American middle school group, touring Italy, comes upon a talented Renaissance reenator who insists he is Leonardo da Vinci, back from the dead. His story becomes much more believable when he produces seemingly authentic gold florins from his pouch. As he encounters the tools of modern life—photographs, bicycles, zippers—detailed concepts and discoveries fuel the story. If you want to learn about the process of invention, savor history, imagine a better future, or just enjoy a good read, sit down and savor this delightful adventure!"
—Mary Lou Blanchette Smith, Science Curriculum and Instruction
Specialist, EASTCONN Educational Service Ctr, Hampton, CT

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