Nurtured and Nuzzled • Criados y Acariciados

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Nurtured and Nuzzled
Criados y Acariciados

Celebrate the bond between parent and child
in this stunningly illustrated, bilingual book!

¡Celebra la unión entre padres e hijo
con este libro bilingüe, ilustrado asombrosamente!

Babies, whether in snowy dens, warm lagoons, cozy nests, or living rooms, are nurtured and nuzzled. These beautiful images of animal and human families will capture the imagination of even the youngest readers.

Los bebés, ya sea en cuevas de nieve, lagunas cálidas, nidos acogedores o salas de estar, son criados y acariciados. Estas bellas imágenes de familias hasta capturarán la imaginación de los lectores más jóvenes.

An early childhood STEM book!
English Teacher's Guide now available!

¡Un libro STEM para infancia temprana!
¡Guía de profesores disponible pronto!

" a richly illustrated exploration of the animal world..."
—Una exploración del mundo animal ricamente ilustrada…—

—Brian Lax, American School Foundation of Chiapas, Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Mexico

A great tool for:

  • Home visits
  • Prenatal and postnatal education
  • Lactation education
  • Early literacy
  • Preschools
  • Bilingual Programs
  • Libraries

" important message about the meaning of parenting."
—…[U]n mensaje importante sobre el significado de la paternidad.—

—Thelma Lager, Advocate for Families, Great-Grandmother (3x), Los Angeles, CA

Mother and Baby Animals included/Madre y Baby Animals incluyen
Elephant /Elefante
Goose / Ganso
Panda / Panda
Bobcat / Gato montés
Manatee /Manatí
Dolphin / Delfín
Koala /Koala
Orangután / Orangután
Sea Otter / Nutria
Seal / Foca
Flamingo / Flamingo
Snow Leopard / Leopardo de nieve
Penguin / Pingüino
Wolf / Lobo
Fox / Zorro
Polar Bear / Oso polar
Human / Humano
Cougar / Puma

A literary safari!
!Un safari literaria!

"With illustrations so soft and warm, you want to reach out and pet them!"
—Con ilustraciones tan suaves y cálidas que querrás alcanzar y acariciarlas.—

—Karen Lyon, The Literary Hill

"...makes cuddling during story time that much sweeter."
—Hace que la hora de lectura sea tanto más dulce.—

—Sarah Reece-Stretman, Pediatric Pain Medicine Doctor and Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Board Member in Washington, DC

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Science, Naturally is pleased to distribute this sweet STEM book published by our sister company, Platypus Media.
Check out the reviews here in English and Spanish!

Check out the Nurtured and Nuzzled flyer in English and Spanish!

Read the new Press Release!

The creators ofNurtured and Nuzzled was recently interviewed by Elena de Valle, from Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations. Follow the link to learn about why the book was created, why certain animals were chose by illustrator Mike Speiser, and more!

Why We Love This Book:

  • Bilingual
  • Promotes STEM
  • Beautiful illustrations that bring the book to life
  • Simple vocabulary for infants and toddlers
  • Perfect for bedtime
  • Rhythmic

List created by, a place for parents to find the resources they need.

Looking for pronunciation help? Want to hear the book narrated?
The following recordings are available here:
The book as written (English and Spanish integrated): Link
English and Spanish Pronunciation Guide: Link
English only: Link
Spanish only: Link
Click the corresponding link to listen to each audio version of Nurtured and Nuzzled · Criados y Acariciados

Teacher's Guide Available for free download.


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Product Specs
Paperback, full color throughout
Bilingual: English and Spanish
Paperback ISBN 13:978-1-930775-80-0 / ISBN 10:1-930775-80-6
E-book ISBN 13: 978-1-930775-81-7 / ISBN 10: 1-930775-81-4
Ages 0-5
6" x 8"
Price: $9.95
24 Pages
E-Book Available

Coming soon!
English/German and English/French editions.

Información de producto
Libro de bolsillo, coloreado
Bilingüe: Español e inglés
Libro de bolsillo ISBN 13: 978-1-930775-80-0 / ISBN 10:1-930775-80-6
Libro electronico ISBN 13: 978-1-930775-81-7 / ISBN 10: 1-930775-81-4
Edad 0-5
8" x 6"
Precio: $9.95
24 Paginas
E-Book disponible

The front cover may be reproduced freely without modification for review or non-commercial educational purposes.

Author: The Editors at Platypus Media

About the Illustrator: Mike Speiser’s beautiful images of mother and baby animals have been featured on many covers of National Geographic’s Wild Animal Baby magazine. His paintings have been used on fundraising products for science organizations and have been displayed at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI. This is his first book. Mike hopes his art will help protect the natural world for future generations. He lives next to the Black Hills of South Dakota. He can be reached at

About the Teacher's Guide Writer
Sue Garcia knows her way around science education. After 32 years in the classroom, 19 years math (4th-HS), 9 years science (6th-9th), 4 years language arts (7th-8th), 3 years history (6th), and 2 years art (middle school), she has retired from the classroom. She is now actively engaged in mentoring, consulting, and writing science curricula. She is also the author of the Teacher’s Guide for the STEM fiction books: Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over and Ghost in the Water.Her hobbies include scrapbooking, horseback riding, and swimming on a Masters swim team. She can be reached at

About the Associate Writer
Josi Longmuss is a student in Leipzig, Germany. She is currently living in Washington, DC, and working at Platypus Media, as part of her “Book Trade and Publishing Management” program at HTWK Leipzig. She has lived in England and Australia, where she studied hard to master her English language skills. It has been very exciting for her to work on a bilingual project for children. She is currently working on the German translation of Nurtured and Nuzzled • Gehegt und Gepflegt. She can be reached at

About the Teacher's Guide Translator
Karenwas born and raised in a bilingual home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She moved to the Washington, DC area to pursue a career as a U.S. Government attorney. In 2005, she began living abroad, first in Southeast Asia, then in Africa, and eventually in Latin America. While overseas, she worked as a language teacher and consultant. She has recently returned to Washington, DC, with her husband and two children. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French, and is currently working as a language services consultant. She can be reached at

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