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You can find some of our resources online at TeachingBooks.net! TeachingBooks.net is an easy-to-use website that enhances the reading experience for young children and young adult readers. Their database houses thousands of resources on fiction and nonfiction books used in K-12 curricula. Used primarily by K-12 and university teachers, and libraries, this resource is perfect to add something new to how books are discussed.

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Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over
Grade Level:4-12
Curriculum Areas: History, Science
Genres: Adventure, Biography, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Subject Headings: Europe, Historical, Renaissance, Science and Technology, Science Fiction, Inventors Italy Biography Juvenile literature, 1452-1519 Juvenile literature, Leonardo, Florence (Italy) 21st century Juvenile fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Action and Adventure, People and Places, Children's Books-Young Adult Fiction, da Vinci, and Artists Italy Biography Juvenile literature

Ghost in the Water
Grade Level:4-8
Curricular Areas: English Language Arts, Science
Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Subject Headings: Scientists Juvenile literature, Science and Technology, Science Fiction, Espionage and Detective Stories, Juvenile Fiction, Science Juvenile literature, Robots, Children's Books-Young Adult Fiction, Science Methodology Juvenile literature, and Mysteries

If My Mom Were a Platypus
Grade Level: PK-5
Curricular Areas: Science, English Language Arts
Subject Headings: Pets, Mammals, Animals Infancy, Mammals Infancy Juvenile literature, Mother and child, Mammals Infancy, Nature, Animals, and Children's 9-12-Animals

Nurtured and Nuzzled • Criados y Acariciados
Grade Level: PK-2
Curriculum Areas: English Language Arts, Science, Spanish
Genres: Non-Fiction
Subject Headings: Life Sciences, Bilingual Education, Foreign Language Study, Life Stages, Education, Science, Baby-Preschool, Family and Relationships, Children's Books, Infants and Toddlers-General, Zoology-General, and Spanish

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