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New 6x8" stroller-bag edition!

Originally released in 2018 in an 8.5 x 11” size, the smaller “stroller bag” edition of Babies Nurse / Asì se alimentan los bebès is perfect for families on the go!

This beautiful collaboration between a children’s librarian and an NBA-player-turned-watercolor-artist introduces the most natural and loving act—mothers nursing their young. The book’s luminous illustrations and lyrical text give children a glimpse into the worlds of 13 different mammal babies. Compelling childhood facts also broaden the reader’s knowledge about each animal.


The overarching theme of breastfeeding inspires conversations about parenting, biology, habitats, survival, and more.

Coming September 7, 2021

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Read the Press Release.


ISBN: 978-1-930775-71-8 | 6x8"| $8.95

32 pages | Ages: 4-7 | Grades: PreK-2nd​


Free downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

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