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Women in Science

Paperback Book Set

Coming soon in English and Spanish!

Take a peek inside three exciting fields of science! The More Women in Science Paperback Book Set contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth titles in the Science Wide Open series: Women in Engineering, Women in Medicine, and Women in Botany. 


Guided by the questions of an inquisitive young protagonist, readers are whisked into an exploration of scientific discoveries. Learn basic STEM concepts from women throughout history who have changed the world with their achievements.

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This award-winning series will soon be available in one complete book set!

3 Books  40 pages each

Ages 7-10  Grades 2-5


Featuring 19 trailblazing women scientists, including:

Ynes Mexia
Sandra Cauffman
Dr. Angella Ferguson

What readers are saying:

"A curious, bespectacled protagonist explores the world around her through the study of living things and the discoveries of women scientists who helped lay the foundations of biology as we know it today. Pioli’s illustrations give these women of science a Disney-princess vibe for broad appeal while vibrant colors bring anatomy and cell structures to life. A welcome primer on biological science in which the contributions of women take center stage."


— Kirkus Reviews, Women in Biology

“Science is all about wonder, and Women in Physics gets us wondering how the world really works. It introduces children to the female icons of physics who opened doors for the rest of us!”


— Donna Strickland, Ph.D.

 2018 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics

"With sprightly illustrations, STEM facts, and historical flair, Women in Chemistry celebrates diverse female scientists. As a professor of chemistry, a woman of color, and a mother, it makes me extremely happy to recommend this book. Read it to a child and you're sure to get a reaction!" 


—Milka O. Montes, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Texas of the Permian Basin

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