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Ski Resort

Jada and Michelle’s school was closed for a winter teacher training day, so their parents decided to take a day off from work to take the family skiing. They were glad to see when they got there that there were no lines at the chair lifts.


The two girls were good skiers, so they headed to the part of the mountain with the black diamond trails, the hardest ones. Three lifts started next to each other and ran up the mountain to a spot on the top leading to many different trails.


“Let’s try to get in as many runs as we can,” Jada said.



They looked at a sign to decide which lift to use. The Sheer Drop lift was a four-seat lift, and its capacity was 1,200 skiers an hour. The Hang onto Your Hat lift was a two-seat lift with a capacity of 800 skiers an hour. The White Cliffs lift was a three-seat lift that could move 900 skiers an hour. The sign said each lift had the same number of chairs.



“Where do you think we should go?” Michelle asked.

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