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NEW from Science, Naturally!

Dr. Livingston's
Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles

Spleen, stomach, sternum, and skull...

with these puzzles, no minute could ever be dull.

Dr. Livingston's puzzles will have you thinking outside the box ...literally!

Learn more about how puzzles encourage you to exercise your brain at our blog post!

100% medical Accuracy • 200% magnification

Anatomical reference included

Puzzles_Head FINAL.png
Puzzles - 2. thorax FINAL.png
Puzzles_Abdomen FINAL.png

over 5 feet tall

Use both sides of your brain to build this puzzle!

The Human Head

Volume I

538 pieces • 23 inches

No need to ask the wizard for a heart – make your own!

The Human Thorax

Volume II

500 pieces • 21 inches

Grab a snack and build your way through the digestive tract.

The Human Abdomen

Volume III

577 pieces • 25 inches

Order your puzzles today!

Anatomy Puzzles - Bundle.png
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