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Meet Trailblazing Women in 
Engineering, Medicine, and Botany!

8 x 8" • 40 pages • Paperback: $12.95 • Hardcover: $14.99

Written by Mary Wissinger • Illustrated by Danielle Pioli

Science Wide Open Book 4
Women in Engineering

Think like an engineer! Women engineers from ancient times to present day have dreamed up ideas to improve and connect the world.

Women in Engineering introduces kids to six determined women who used hard work and imagination to change the world. Explore the field of engineering through the questions of a curious girl whose inquiries guide an engaging, scientifically accurate conversation.

Welcome to the wondrous world of medicine! The amazing work of women in medicine has given us incredible things like a cure for malaria and a lifesaving heart surgery.

Guided by questions of an inquisitive protagonist, readers are whisked into an exploration of scientific discoveries in medicine. The engaging and accurate conversation welcomes curiosity and critical thinking. Women in Medicine will encourage scientific inquiry in any young mind!

Science Wide Open Book 5
Women in Medicine

Science Wide Open Book 6
Women in Botany

Experience the dazzling world of botany! Women botanists across the globe have used tiny seeds to do huge things, like create new medicines, feed their communities, and help preserve the environment.


Women in Botany introduces the fascinating world of plants, guided by the investigative questions of a spunky girl. Readers will learn more about the science of botany and find inspiration to explore the world around them! 

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