Alternative Funding Options

We know that every classroom in the country needs more STEM materials, but we also know that schools in the US are chronically underfunded. We are here to solve both problems! Our award-winning trade books are the perfect way to expand and enhance your classroom and ELO curricula, and for those who can't afford to stock up, we have a handful of funding solutions!

We have partnered with our friends at Lantern Scientific to bring FREE books to classrooms and children in need.

Lantern knows that good schools provide direct value to industry and the economy by training the next generation of innovators, builders, thinkers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. There are many companies that recognize this and want to help ensure their backyard is full of the best talent in the country.

They find those companies and work with them to build opportunities for students. Students that have great STEM education experiences will enter the workforce with more confidence in their ability to enter STEM related careers.

We have helped many schools locate foundations that support STEM education and successfully apply for funding. Click the links below for our guide:

I Successful Foundation Grant Recipients
II The Need for STEM Education
III The Importance of Trade Books
IV Ways to Use Our Supplemental STEM Books
V Incredible Discounts and Sample Budget

Need a grant writer? Hiring a grant writer can be an effective way of bringing resources into your institution. A number of individuals who have worked as grant writers and may be able to work with you on grant requests either as a writer or as a consultant is listed below.

** Science, Naturally! has no financial connection to any of these individuals. **

Audella Patterson
Independent Consultant

Patterson has helped to research, review, match, and prepare grant/proposal applications for various nonprofit entities, including school districts, museums, children and youth afterschool, faith-based, etc., covering a variety of areas, including education, STEMs, health, physical fitness, technology, capacity building, etc.

23 successful years in:
1. Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, Foundations, and Corporate Grant/Proposal Research, Project Development and Writing
2. Program/Project Design/Development
3. Budget Development
4. Strategic Planning ~ Retreat Facilitation (3-5 year development plans)
5. Material Development: By-Laws, Conflict of Interest Statements, Agency Policy, Employee Handbooks, Training Material, P/R material (brochures, donor letters/solicitation, media ads and PSAs)
6. Events Design/Planning to Cultivate Individual Membership Donor Development
7. Board/Staff Development/Training

6 successful years in:
Non-profit design, mission, vision, purpose setups, state corporate applications, and 100% IRS 501 c3 nonprofit approvals including areas for Native American, health, senior residential facilities and faith-based organizations.

Published Amazon Kindle Book: How to Set Up a Non Profit

Pamela Chapman
Director of Science & Urban Education
Exploring the Elements

Exploring the Elements strives to provide quality STEM educational pathways for under- served and underrepresented students. We provide a variety of services to meet the needs of the 21st C. student and educator. We provide consulting services for integrating STEM components into the curriculum.

Over the last 10 years, Pamela Chapman has assisted various schools in procuring almost $1 million in grant funding.

Thomas Medcalf
K-5 Science Resource Teacher

Thomas Medcalf is a science resources teacher, science curriculum writer, and elementary science professional development trainer in West Palm Beach, FL. He has successfully written and received elementary STEM grants.

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