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Go behind the scenes of weather forecasting with TV meteorologist Guy Brown! Guy shares his weather journal to show you exactly what weather forecasting is like—from reading satellite images at the studio, to going live on location.


Bring your rain boots and sunscreen, and get ready for a weather adventure! Don’t forget to watch the clouds and take notes along the way. By the end, you’ll be ready to become a meteorologist.

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 Ages 7-10 • Grades 2-5

What the experts are saying:

"A terrific introduction to weather and the tools of forecasting! Informative, entertaining, and uplifting—this book features vivid illustrations and rhyming chapter titles that are inviting and relatable. I highly recommend this book for young readers, and for parents and teachers as well."

‮—‬ Spencer Christian, Weather Forecaster,

ABC7 News/KGO-TV, San Francisco

"A perfect book to help kids understand how and why meteorologists engineer weather forecasts, Guy Brown shows readers how humans and animals are universally affected by the weather. Eye-catching and inspiring!"


‬ Jason Lindsey, Hooked On Science, Meteorologist,

STEM Certified Educator

Guy Brown is a local TV weather anchor. Growing up, Guy was always fascinated by the sky and the different types of clouds. At the age of 9, he already knew he wanted to become a meteorologist. He studied communications and meteorology at Towson University, graduating in 2015. One of his favorite things to do is teach children about the weather through school visits, so he is very excited to be writing his first children's book! He lives in the beautiful American midwest with his cat named Rosalie. You can reach him at WeatherGuy@ScienceNaturally.com.


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