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Coming May 2023

How do scientists share ideas across the world?


Mole and Tell gives kids their first taste of universal standards of measurement, teaching them about scientific notation in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. Mr. Cantello’s classroom is full of lively characters who ask the same questions a young reader is wondering—like how can a mole of sugar be larger than a mole of water, and how is it possible to measure something smaller than you can see? Mole and Tell introduces readers to concepts like the periodic table, molar mass, elements, and of course, moles. Using the familiar activity Show and Tell, readers will explore several different measurements of moles. The story is grounded in fact and shows kids how science is used in the real world. Written by authors with years of experience working with children, this book is a snapshot of the dream classroom experience. After finishing this book, readers will look forward to having a Mole Day celebration of their own!



Book details 

Paperback (ISBN 978-1-958629-10-9)

eBook (ISBN 978-1-958629-12-3)

Hardback (ISBN 978-1-958629-11-6)

Age range 
7 - 10 years 

Grade range
2nd - 5th Grade


Praise for mOLE AND tell

"This book introduces children to how chemists count things like atoms and molecules. What a fun way to learn about one of the core concepts of chemistry! Mole and Tell is sure to spark curiosity and encourage kids into more scientific explorations." 


- Adam E. Cohen, Ph.D., Professor, Chemistry and Physics, Harvard University


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Catherine Payneworked as a journalist after earning master’s degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities. After returning to her native Guam, she became an English instructor and tutor. Catherine especially loves writing books that transport children to happy places. The inspiration she draws from Pacific cultures helps her appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. Contact her at

When John Payne ii, Catherine’s brother, discovered superhero comic books, it sparked a lifelong love of reading that led to an interest in speech and language. After pursuing degrees at San José State University and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, John now works with kids as a speech clinician in Guam. Contact him at

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MEET THE Illustrator

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Elisa Rocchigrew up in the countryside of northern Italy, along with her unique friend and pet cat, Minù. She has always loved drawing and writing and works as a children’s book illustrator. Elisa currently lives in Milan, Italy with her husband and son. To see more of Elisa’s work, visit

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