March Mystery of the Month

March 2017
Mystery #48: Life Science

Selected from:
One Minute Mysteries:
65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!

A Fair Contest

“Judging a contest can be really hard,” Mr. O’Shea, the science teacher, had warned them.

And he had been right.

It was the night of the school’s annual science fair. The cafeteria was filled with displays. As a reward for their own good work in science class, fifth graders John and Brian had been named the student judges for the second graders’ nature dioramas.

They narrowed down their choices to three.

“I like this one,” John said, pointing to a polar scene. The student who made it had been creative, using Styrofoam as an iceberg and blue plastic as water and populating the scene with penguins and polar bears.

Next John studied a jungle scene with closely packed trees filled with monkeys, birds and gorillas, and with a lion prowling underneath.

“This one is good, too,” he said. “It’s really lifelike.”
Brian picked up a desert scene with sandpaper for sand, cactuses, lizards and a snake hiding under a rock.

“I really think this one has to be the winner,” Brian said.

“Actually, that looks like it took less effort than the other two,” John said.

“I agree,” Brian said. “But remember, this is a science fair.”

“What do you mean?” John asked.

Can you figure out the answer?

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