April Mystery of the Month

April 2017
Mystery #49: Earth and Space Science

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One Minute Mysteries:
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Don't Rain On My Parade

“Don’t forget extra socks,” Jamal’s father called up the stairs as Jamal was packing his soccer bag in his bedroom.

It was early Saturday morning. Soon they would be leaving for a round-robin tournament. There would be games starting in late morning and then all through the afternoon and into the early evening. For Jamal, it would mean a lot of running. For his parents and little sister Julissa, it would mean a lot of sitting in folding chairs and finding something to do between games.

“I have books and magazines for us and toys and coloring books for Julissa,” their mother said from downstairs. “Should we pack umbrellas and rain ponchos?”

"I asked Julissa to watch the morning news for the weather report,” their father replied.

Jamal thought Julissa might be a little too young for that chore, but he was so busy packing that he didn’t think much about it.

When they gathered by the front door, Julissa reported proudly, “The lady on TV said there would be nothing but serious clouds all day.”

“Serious clouds?” their mother asked. “I guess we should bring the rain gear, then.”

“I wouldn’t bother,” Jamal said.

“Well, the games go on even if it rains, unless there’s lightning,” their father said. “So you’ll have to accept getting wet. But what’s the point in the rest of us getting soaked?”

“I meant that I don’t think it will rain at all today,” Jamal replied.

“You don’t think ‘serious clouds’ suggest rain?”

Can you figure out the answer?

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