June Mystery of the Month

June 2017
Mystery #51: Physical and Chemical Science

Selected from:
One Minute Mysteries:
65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!

Cabin Fever

“Just the way Mother Nature wants us to sleep in the summer,” the counselor said when she showed the friends their cabins, which didn’t have air conditioning, or even fans.

Even though she was in the same grade as most of her friends, Grace was in a different cabin because she was younger. So she went off to her cabin while Katya, Nina, and Chloe settled into their cabin. Each cabin had six sets of bunk beds plus a single bed for the counselor.

The next morning, in the bathroom building the cabins shared, the girls talked excitedly about the day ahead. Katya’s face looked red and she kept wiping herself with a wet towel, while Nina and Chloe brushed their hair.

“Did you guys get any sleep?” Grace asked. “Our counselor turned off the lights at exactly ten o’clock and there was no talking after that. So I slept fine.”

“So did I,” Nina said.

“Me too,” said Chloe.

“Not me,” Katya said. “I was so hot that I just stared at the ceiling all night!”

“You might want to ask for a different bunk,” Grace said.

“What good would that do?” Katya asked. “They’re all the same.”

Can you figure out the answer?

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