About Science, Naturally!

Science, Naturally is an independent press located in Washington, DC. We are committed to increasing science and math literacy by exploring and demystifying these topics in entertaining and enlightening ways. Using fictional and nonfictional forms, diverse characters, and engaging formats, we make intimidating subjects intriguing and accessible to scientists, mathematicians, and book lovers of all ages.

To ensure our books reach as many readers as possible, including those who have limited resources, we’ve translated them into over six languages, developed bilingual, E-Book, and braille editions, and partnered with literacy programs such as First Book.

Our Professional Development seminars and our free, supplemental educational resources give educators tools to help kids make connections between the blackboard and the blacktop. Our books have been designated as valuable supplemental resources for schools, extended learning programs, and home education alike. We are gratified by the awards, honors, and accolades we have received from literacy, education and parenting groups. Each of our books has earned the coveted “Recommends” designation from the National Science Teachers Association.

Our content aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and supports the Common Core State Standards. Articulations to these, as well as others, are available on our website.

Science, Naturally books are distributed by National Book Network. For more information about our publications, to request a catalog, or to learn more about becoming one of our authors, please give us a call or visit us online.

You might discover our books in a school, a neighborhood book box, or a literacy program; but no matter where you find them, we hope they inspire you to read, tackle hard problems, and stay curious.


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The benefits to our award-winning books:

  • Perfect bell-ringers — short brainteasers pique kids’ interest
  • Literature-based books teach science and math while promoting reading
  • Content correlates directly to the National Science and Math Standards (articulation available here)
  • Real-life scenarios make science and math relevant to kids
  • Content endorsed by major STEM, educational, parenting and library organizations
  • Perfect for science/math clubs, after-school programs, family science/math night and other ELO’s (extended learning opportunities)
  • Competitive discounts allow for widespread distribution to staff and students
  • Science, Naturally! books are distributed by National Book Network in the U.S. and abroad and by Mariposa Press in France. Many of our titles are available in Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Korean.

    To request a catalog, to be added to our mailing list, or to learn more about becoming a Science, Naturally! author, give us a call or contact us.

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