This book duo contains This Is How I Grow and the Spanish-language edition, Así crezco.


Explore what it means to be all grown up!


All newborn mammals-whether they have hooves, flippers, claws, or wings-rely on mother's milk to help them grow. In order to survive, every cub, calf, and kit must eventually figure out how to find their own food. From bats learning how to fly to elephants gaining control of their trunks, animal families help their young develop the tools they need to hunt, forage, or scavenge. Open these books to explore the incredible variety of skills baby mammals must learn in order to survive and thrive.



Este dúo de libros contiene This Is How I Grow y la edición en español, Así crezco.


¡Explora lo que significa ser grande!


Todos los mamíferos recién nacidos