Summer Brain Drain
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Catch Their Brains Before
They Go Down the Drain

My memories of summer growing up include swimming lessons, yard work, camping trips, and my mother’s perpetual, “You’ve been staring at a screen all day! Go do something productive.” I know my mom’s not the only parent who has to fight all summer to keep their kids doing creative and stimulating things.

The statistics on summer “brain drain” are grim. According to Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri- Columbia, students returning to school after a lengthy summer break will have lost one to three months’ worth of learning. Studies show that on average, teachers end up spending four to six weeks re-teaching things their students learned during the previous school year. That means that if students come back to school on August 1, they will spend all their time until September, at the earliest, reviewing. They might be reviewing until Halloween comes around.

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