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Women in Engineering

This exciting science exploration 
coming soon!



Think like an engineer! Women engineers from ancient times to present day have dreamed up ideas to improve and connect the world.

Explore the world of engineering with an inquisitive protagonist and an astute narrator. Their kid-friendly conversation delves into the amazing work of trailblazing engineers. Women in Engineering is bound to encourage creative problem solving in kids!

Concepts covered in this book include:

  • civil engineering

  • mechanical engineering

  • chemical engineering

  • electrical engineering

  • ​aerospace engineering 

  • biomedical engineering

  • and more!

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Coming September 2022

Hardback ($14.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-52-5

Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-53-2

eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-54-9

40 pages • Size: 8 x 8"

   Grades: 2–5 • Ages: 7–10

​Spanish edition coming March 2023

Scientists profiled include:

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 6.08.43 PM.png

Emily Warren Roebling

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.57.39 PM.png

Dr. Treena Livingston Arinzeh

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 6.00.47 PM.png

Mary the Prophetess

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 6.04.01 PM.png

Hedy Lamarr

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 6.02.13 PM.png

Huang Daopo


Sandra Cauffman

What the experts are saying:


"It's a joy to learn how women have, throughout time and place, used innovation to change lives for the better. With a charming protagonist and biographical snapshots, this book masterfully shows the relevance and beauty of engineering."

—Ashley Raynal, Ph.D., Instrument Scientist, Brandywine Photonics

"Children with different backgrounds and interests will be excited to learn how impactful a career in this field can be. What an inspiring way to discover that engineers transform ideas into reality!"

—Kelly Dooley, P.E., Exec. Director/CEO, International Technology and Engineering Educators Association

"Concisely conveys a surprising amount of scientific and historical information... Children readily embrace these remarkable stories and come away feeling newly empowered to set out on their own unique and rewarding paths.


—Tillywig Toy and Game Awards

About the Author


Mary Wissinger was born in Wisconsin where she spent most of her childhood singing, reading, and daydreaming. She dove into storytelling through acting, singing, and writing (and writing and writing!). A former teacher, she can now be found at her standing desk in St. Louis, MO, writing stories that inspire curiosity about the world and connection with others. She is the author of the entire Science Wide Open Series: Women in Biology, Women in Chemistry, and Women in Physics. To learn more about Mary, you can check out her website,

& the Illustrator


Danielle Pioli is an artist and illustrator whose mission is to inspire others to create. The idea of creating a whole universe from her mind to paper is what made her fall in love with art and storytelling. As a child, she was drawn to magic—what she calls Quantum Physics now. She creates art, illustrations, comics, zines, poems, songs, and hypnotherapy sessions. She is the illustrator of the entire Science Wide Open Series. For more information on Danielle’s work, you can visit her website at

Own the first three books!

Women in Chemistry

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-945779-10-7

Paperback coming January 2021

eBook ISBN: 978-1-945779-13-8

Spanish coming January 2021

Women in Biology

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-945779-09-1

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-938492-30-3

eBook ISBN: 978-1-945779-12-1

Spanish paperback ISBN: 978-1-938492-07-5

Spanish eBook ISBN: 978-1-938492-29-7

Women in Physics

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-945779-14-5

Paperback coming April 2021

eBook ISBN: 978-1-945779-11-4

Spanish coming April 2021

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