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About Science, Naturally!


Science Naturally: Enhancing Literacy in Science and Math

Science Naturally, an imprint of Platypus Media, operates as an independent press situated in Washington, D.C. Our mission revolves around fostering a deeper understanding of science and math by demystifying these subjects in entertaining and enlightening ways. Utilizing both fictional and nonfictional forms, diverse characters, and engaging formats, we strive to make intimidating topics intriguing and accessible to scientists, mathematicians, and book enthusiasts of all ages.

Diverse Reach and Accessibility Initiatives:

To ensure broad accessibility, we've translated our books into over six languages, developed bilingual, eBook, and braille editions, and partnered with literacy programs offering discounted books to under-served students. Refer to our list of partners below.

Empowering Educators:

Our Professional Development seminars and complimentary educational resources empower educators, enabling them to bridge the gap between the blackboard and the blacktop. Our books have earned recognition as valuable supplemental resources, receiving awards and accolades from literacy, education, and parenting groups. Each book holds the esteemed "Recommends" designation from the National Science Teachers Association.

Alignment with Educational Standards:

Our content aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and supports the Common Core State Standards. Visit our website for detailed articulations and additional standards.

Distribution and Inquiry:

Science Naturally books are distributed by the National Book Network. For more information, publication catalogs, or details on becoming one of our esteemed authors, reach out to us via phone or visit our online platform.

Discover, Read, and Stay Curious:

You might encounter our books in schools, neighborhood book boxes, or literacy programs. Wherever you find them, we hope they inspire you to read, tackle challenging problems, and nurture your curiosity.

Meet the Team


Dia L. Michels

Owner / Publisher


Ali Trujillo

Operations and Finance Manager


Hannah Thelen

Editorial and Production Director


Our Partners

We are proud to partner with many organizations that bring important educational books and resources to as many students as possible. Our partners include:

FirstBook partner science naturally
SEA Homeschoolers partner Science Naturally
Share My Lesson partner Science Naturally
Platyus Media

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Platypus Media

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