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Science, Naturally is committed to creating and distributing quality products that explore and demystify STEM topics in entertaining and enlightening ways.

We pride ourselves in not only offering great products, but in providing the resources parents, educators, and librarians need to extend and expand the content and use our books as effective learning tools.

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All the resources here are available at no charge.

Educational Resources

wondering how educators use our books?

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Click below to see how four presidential awardees developed lessons around our titles!

Written by educators, for educators, these Guides are adventures in learning...

bringing the content to life, across the curriculum!
Use these powerful educational tools by themselves or in conjunction with the books.

teacher's guides


Hands-on activities

= science activity

= math activity

The following activities are adapted from the content in Science, Naturally's award-winning 101 Things Everyone Should Know... and One Minute Mysteries books. The addition of these hands-on experiments expands and extends the short mysteries and brainteasers presented in the books to turn the bell-ringers, homework questions, or short brainteasers into a substantial science or math lesson.


Click on the icon or activity name to download.


daily circuit

These interactive activity sheets are the perfect introduction to our award-winning STEM books. These sample activities leave kids itching for more entertaining and educational mysteries and brainteasers.


The perfect handout to keep kids entertained and learning on long car rides, between appointments, or at the beginning of class... any time is the perfect time for these newspaper-style worksheets!


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the Daily Circuit

Weekend Edition

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a digital platform where educators can collaborate and share learning resources at no cost.

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ice cream, anyone?

double dealing

roll of the dice


These apps are perfect for incorporating math into your child's home routine!

All are available at no charge on Apple and Android devices.

Bedtime Math

Mini Math


Money Pieces

Number Frames

Math Vocabulary

Bedtime Math.png
Mini Math.png

ages 3-9

grades K-5

ages 3-5

ages 4+

ages 4+

ages 4+

Number Rack

ages 4+


ages 4+

Number Line

ages 4+

Pattern Shapes

grades K-5

Number Pieces Basic

primary grades

Number Pieces

middle grades

Math Matters to Me increases the general awareness and interest of the math happening all around us! Learn how math applies to...


stem education power points

Are you a teacher teaching teachers? We created these professional development resources to show educators how to use our books. Click title to download.

guide to children's literature





Click on the images below to download curricula articulations for each Science Naturally title. 

OMM Science Articulation Cover.png
OMM More Articulation Cover.png
OMM Math Articulation Cover.png
101 Science Articulation Cover.png
101 Math Articulation Cover.png
IMMWAP Articulation Cover.png
Babies Nurse Bilingual Articulation Cove
BN English Articulation Cover.png
Cuddled and Carried Bilingual Articulati
CC English Articulation Cover.png
daVinci Articulation Cover.png
Ghost Articulation Cover.png

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