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Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Science Naturally, we are dedicated to accessibility. We create diverse characters in our stories to highlight empathy, kindness, and compassion, providing empowering representation for our curious readers worldwide. We are also devoted to making educational resources on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects more accessible to a diverse audience. 

We have partnered with Atomic Hands, an organization that produces educational STEM videos in ASL (American Sign Language), to make these topics more accessible for children with hearing impairments.


Check out the new ASL-translated editions of select titles from our Science Wide Open series, featuring women in various STEM fields, as well as Atoms, the first early childhood book in the My First Science Textbook series. These ASL STEM Storybooks are available to watch on the Atomic Hands website, featuring ASL interpreters with careers in STEM. Both series are also available in multiple formats on our website. 

Women in Biology.Front Cover-high res.jpg

Look out for our reflowable eBook edition of How Do You See the World?, which explains different types of eye conditions and normalizes both visual impairments and the tools and technology used to improve vision or mobility. This reflowable eBook was specifically created for children experiencing blindness and low vision, with features including:

  • Detailed alt text for the book’s illustrations

  • Full display transformability

  • High-contrast image text

  • Navigation features, including a page list to match the original hardcover edition

  • Text-to-speech compatibility

  • Updates to the content for the purpose of clarity

Fixed format and reflowable eBook available soon on: Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Overdrive

The book is currently available as a hardback.


Find our Spanish, Bengali, Mandarin, Korean, Haitian Creole, and Dutch translations of our most loved books, Cuddled and Carried, This is How I Grow, Babies Nurse, our Science Wide Open series, How Cats Say I Love You, and more HERE! Our diverse translations are at the heart of our accessibility work at Platypus Media, as we aim to provide non-English speaking children the opportunity to read about the diverse characters, narratives, and educational material that spark their curiosity.   

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