Gifts for Families

Choose from our wide selection of award-winning STEM literature for the perfect gift for the curious kid in your life! 

This set of fun books blurs the line between entertainment and education. Make math and science fun with these literature-based books. Each mystery takes just one minute to read and features real-world scenarios. The brain teasers challenge kids to use critical thinking skills. Perfect for a long car trip or quick errands.


Written by a father-daughter team, this set of entertaining and educational books is great for kids, grown-ups, educators and anyone who loves good mysteries, good math and science, or all three!

This set includes the two 101 Things books: 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math and 101 Things You Everyone Should Know About Science from the award-winning authors Marc Zev, Kevin Segal and Nathan Levy.

Keep your kids' brain active with these five clever literature-based, award-winning science and math books. Everyone in the family will love trying to solve these engaging, exciting (and shhh!...educational) brainteasers! Unravel real-life predicaments using everything from decimals to DNA, fractions to fingerprints. Keep the set together or use them as individual gifts.

You may not put criminals away, but use this set to crack mysteries you see every day! Show off your science skills with the Science Sleuth Book Set. These brainteasers have a clever-twist--you have to tap into your science wisdom and critical thinking skills to solve them. Each mystery takes just one minute to read and challenges your knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science.

Crazy about math... Or wish you were?


This book set is just for you! These aren’t your ordinary math books. Kids are challenged to solve math brainteasers and answer questions in sports, cooking, money, travel and more. Kids will see how much math is a critical part of their everyday lives. These fun, educational books are perfect for kids, parents, educators, and anyone interested in knowing the difference between an Olympic event score of 9.0 and Richter scale score of 9.0.


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