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We know that every classroom in the country needs more STEM materials, but we also know that schools in the US are chronically underfunded. We are here to solve both problems!


Our award-winning trade books are the perfect way to expand and enhance your classroom and ELO curricula. We've helped numerous schools apply for grants to  get these STEM resources in their classrooms and libraries. Let us help you! 

This page contains:

  • Foundation Grant Resource Document

  • Freelance Grant Writers​

Grant Resources


Need a grant writer? Hiring a grant writer can be an effective way of bringing resources into your institution. A number of individuals who have worked as grant writers and may be able to work with you on grant requests either as a writer or as a consultant is listed below.


** Science, Naturally! has no financial connection to any of these individuals. **



We have helped many schools locate foundations that support STEM education and successfully apply for funding. Click the links below for our guide:

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