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A STEM Quiz for Women's History Month!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

March is here. It’s time to celebrate Women’s History Month!

This is our chance to honor the women who haven't always been recognized for their accomplishmentsespecially within the STEM fields.

For years, decades… even centuries, too many women in science have received no recognition or have had their contributions marginalized. One such woman was Barbara McClintock who conducted pioneering work with transposons or “jumping genes.” Initially she was ridiculed for her work. Thirty years after these genes had become commonly accepted, decades after her breakout work, she finally received a Nobel Prizeand she was the first woman to receive an unshared Nobel.

Help us celebrate Women’s History Month by learning about Dr. McClintock and some of the other amazing women who have made science what it is today. There are so many ways to work in a STEM field, with a specialization for almost everyone. The possibilities for inclusion and specific niche interests are endless!

Put yourself to the testtake our Women’s History Month STEM quiz.

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