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Coming November 2024


Tiny Tern’s extraordinary journey begins!

Arctic terns make the longest migration of any species. Every year, they fly from the northern Arctic to the southern Antarctic—and back—spending most of the year in flight.


As the days grow shorter and colder, Tiny Tern and the flock

prepare to leave the Arctic and begin their journey

towards sunlight and warmth. The terns travel all the way

to the other side of the world. Along the way, they encounter

many dangers. Experience a bird’s-eye view

of getting lost in heavy storms, protecting

hatchlings from predators, and finally reaching your destination. 


Following the story, discover more educational content about arctic terns. Read about what they eat, how they fly, and everything they encounter during their time in the Arctic and Antarctic.


With lyrical text and wondrous illustrations, join the flock of terns on their incredible journey, and learn about the power of perseverance from the birds who do it best. Tiny Tern Takes Flight is a celebration of nature, featuring the seemingly ordinary tern’s lifelong quest for summer sunlight.


Book Details

Age range 

4 - 7 years

Grade range 

Preschool - 2nd Grade

Hardcover (English)

(ISBN 978-1-958629-55-0) • $18.95

eBook (English)

(ISBN 978-1-958629-56-7) • $15.99


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About the Author


About the Illustrator


Donna B. McKinney lived most of her life in the Washington, D.C. area, where she worked at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, writing about science. Now she has another great job—writing books for kids, including her previous release titled Lights On. Donna currently lives in North Carolina with two full-of-mischief dogs. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking, fishing, and playing a game called pickleball (kind of like a mix of tennis and ping pong).

Born and bred in Kent, England, Fiona Osbaldstone loved painting as a kid and used to paint her own versions of Disney characters. She always wanted to do something with art and went to the Kent Institute of Art & Design. She was inspired by the works of David Shepherd and Norman Rockwell for their detail and diversely different styles. Her work includes natural history, botanicals, people, and scenes. Outside of the artistic field, although not too far removed, she loves pottery and makes and sells her own pieces. She enjoys photography as well as cycling but is “not too good at that and will invariably end up in a ditch.”

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