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What is it like to see the world through someone else's eyes?


If you’ve ever been curious about how your eyes work, why some people need glasses, or what it means to be nearsighted, How Do You See the World? has the answers!


Discover clear explanations of eye conditions that kids might have or learn about through friends and family, such as amblyopia, astigmatism, color blindness, and glaucoma. Vibrant illustrations show how these conditions might affect what you see. Readers will also learn the science behind how vision works—starting with the basics of light, color, and anatomy.


Filled with fun facts, diagrams, tips about eye health, and even information about invisible light, How Do You See the World? aims to help normalize visual impairments and celebrate the tools and technology that help us see more clearly.

How Do You See the World?

SKU: 978-1-958629-43-7
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    Pages 40

    Hardback: 978-1-958629-43-7

    eBook: 978-1-958629-44-4

    Dimensions 10″ x 8″
    Age Range 7-10
    Grade Range  2nd-5th
    Language English
  • "Melikechi offers younger readers a clear view on sight.... The text itself is focused and simple to follow. I appreciate the short paragraph style and the clear diagrams. The complex information included is simplified for elementary level readers and is a terrific addition to non-fiction human body and/or senses categories."


    —Goodreads school librarian reviewer

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