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Jumping in Puddles

“I can’t believe my mother made me wear this heavy coat,” Paige complained as she walked to school with friends one morning.


“My mother is the same way,” Tyra said, splashing through a puddle in her heavy waterproof boots.



“Hey, wait a minute,” Lin said, picking up the hat that had blown off her head. “Were your mothers listening to that new radio station that plays those old songs all the parents like?”



“Yes!” Paige said. “I can’t believe the music they play!”



“Some of those songs must be 20 years old!” Tyra added.



“It was on at our house, too,” Lin said. “I heard the announcer say that it would feel like 25 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and that is when my mom handed me these gloves.”



“So what?” Paige asked.



“I see what Lin means,” Tyra said, jumping from puddle to puddle. “At 25 degrees Fahrenheit, this water would be frozen. Water freezes at 32 degrees and below.”



“I think our parents should start listening to a different radio station,” Lin said.



“I don’t think that would help,” Paige said.



“Why wouldn’t it? The people at that station clearly don’t know anything more about weather than they know about music,” Tyra said.

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