June 2020

Selected from: One Minute Mysteries: 65 MORE Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!


Where in the World?

As much as Leila missed having Chloe around for their summer vacation, she had to admit that Chloe must be having a great time traveling. 

Chloe's father was working on a trade treaty between the United States and other countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Since he would be traveling for weeks, he was allowed to take his family as long as he paid for them. Chloe and her mother would sightsee while her father worked. Every day Leila checked for a new e-mail from Chloe describing her adventures. 

Chloe had given Leila the list of countries her family was visiting and so far they had been to four—with Japan, China, and New Zealand still to go. But Chloe hadn't told Leila in what order they were visiting the countries. Instead, each time Chloe arrived in a new country she took pictures, attached them to an e-mail, and challenged Leila to figure out where she was. 

This day's e-mail didn't have a picture, just a message: "We flew to a new country yesterday, but it got dark so early I couldn't take any pictures outside. I'll take some today and send them for you guys to guess what country it is." 

Leila wrote back, "Send the pictures, but I already know where you are." 

Later, a message came back from Chloe: "How do you know?"


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