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Book Lovers Day!

books lovers day reading literacy free shipping science math stem literature

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day! At Science Naturally we love books year-round, especially books about science and math. We are excited to celebrate! Don't miss our free shipping offer for Book Lovers Day only! Please see details below.

Books are a great medium to teach STEM topics. Literature-based education tools allow for experiential learning through reading. It allows the reader to be immersed in a story, learning about a variety of topics through the more intimate perspective of the story. These stories spark conversations, raise questions, and introduce subjects in a way that the reader might not have known was possible before.

Combining books and science this Book Lovers Day is a great way to teach the importance of reading, while tying in important concepts about science along the way.

5 ways to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day:

Visit your local library

Libraries are huge resources, filled with books, activities, and people to help you uncover your next reading adventure. Check out STEM books, nonfiction books, and fiction books that have an emphasis on learning about the world around us. Sometimes, science can be intimidating, but when put on the shelf as a fun read, it’s easier to digest!

Contact an author

Authors of your favorite titles are also valuable resources. Find a book that inspired you to read or that inspired a love for STEM, and look up who wrote it. Often times, the authors have the same feelings towards the subjects as you, and what better time is there to reach out to show some author appreciation than Book Lovers Day?

books lovers day reading literacy free shipping science math stem literature

Donate your old books

When you donate your favorite book, you are sharing your excitement for it to a new reader. Some people don’t have access to libraries or other resources that you may have. By passing on your old books, you might just inspire someone the same way you had been while reading the book for the first time.

Reread an old favorite

When is the last time you cracked open that book that really moved you? Or that book that taught you something that you hadn’t known before, making you stop and think after you were finished reading it? It’s about time you pick that book back up, dust off the cover, and revisit that story, mystery, or concept. Who knows, you might learn something new this time!

Get a new book for yourself!

It’s only appropriate to get a book for yourself on a Book Lover’s Day! Try to go out of your comfort zone, perhaps choosing a title about something that you don’t know much about, or even choosing a title about a subject that you may not think you like. The way that a story is told can always change the way you perceive the topics, and sometimes the experience of reading a book about an intimidating topic allows you to break it down into something that you can understand and appreciate more.

books lovers day reading literacy free shipping science math stem literature

Bonus: Free Shipping on Book Lovers Day!

To help you bring home a new book this Book Lovers Day, we are offering free shipping today only on any order from our store. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring home some blended STEM fiction adventures, our bestselling One Minute Mystery books, or even picture books that stoke curiosity in the youngest readers!

Use code WEREAD at checkout.

However you want to celebrate Book Lovers Day, take some time at the end of the day to sit down and curl up with a book -- after all, you are a lover of books!

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Learn to love books and writing. fireboy and watergirl

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This is a very meaningful day for book lovers like me. geometry dash

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