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Fun Fall Math Activities for Parents and Children

Young children’s brains are growing and changing every day, and parents play a crucial role augmenting what they learn in school. This is especially true of preschool aged children, but it also applies as your child grows; after all they only spend about six hours a day in school, and only a portion of that is math! Children are active learners by nature, so it's really a matter of tapping into the natural curiosity kids (and young adults) have about the world around them.

Let's face it, though, math can sometimes be a bit dry. By making learning math fun, parents can help cultivate a lifelong interest in STEM in their child!

Here are some fun fall math activities you and your child can enjoy together!

Candy Corn Counting

science naturally STEM math fall activities parents children autumn fun

Who said that counting can’t be fun? And what makes it even more fun? Adding candy corn! This activity helps kids with counting and checking their work. Encouraging kids to slow down and check their work helps them learn independence and confidence in their abilities. Nothing says autumn more than candy corn, and once you and your child are done counting them out, you get to eat them!

Pumpkin Counting and Measurement

science naturally STEM math fall activities parents children autumn fun

Why not add some math into your pumpkin carving this season? This activity combines the fun of picking out and carving a pumpkin with a little math thrown into the mix. In this activity kids learn counting, comparison, and measurement. Before carving the pumpkins, you can measure their size, use the seeds as counting tools, and compare the two pumpkins! With so many different ways to use the pumpkins, kids get the experience of adding math into multiple everyday fun activities!

Leaf Flashcards

science naturally STEM math fall activities parents children autumn fun

Is there anything prettier in the fall than the changing color of the leaves? With this next activity you can have fun outdoors with your child, enjoy the changing season, and learn some math as well! Collect fallen colored leaves outside, number them up to whatever limit you want (depending on your child’s age and stage of development), and get counting! There are several games you can play with these leaf flashcards, and if you laminate them they can last a long time! You and your child can practice number patterns, counting, addition and subtraction, and much more with these colorful numbered leaves.

Outdoor Acorn Games

science naturally STEM math fall activities parents children autumn fun

With the beautiful fall weather coming our way, you and your child are going to want to take advantage of it while you can. Children love collecting acorns during the fall, so you can add this to their math learning by turning it into a great math game! Challenge their counting skills, measurements, and even some Venn Diagram skills as well. These games help create an outdoor classroom that is full of nature and math! Even if the weather turns gloomy, collect your acorns and bring the activities inside for some more fun!

Do you have any fun fall math activities you do with your children? Share them in the comments below, we'd love to hear them!

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