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Holiday STEM Activities

The holiday season is in full swing, and it's a great time for some magical holiday-themed STEM activities! These projects are fun for the whole family in addition to promoting science, math, imagination, and observation skills.

From sparkly crystal wreaths to tasty gumdrop Christmas trees, these holiday STEM activities will keep you and your little one's minds active all through the holiday season!

Gumdrop Christmas Trees

Let your child's geometry, engineering, and architectural skills shine through with this cute activity that is tasty and fun! All you need are gumdrops (lots of them!), toothpicks, and/or bamboo skewers.

Simply stick the gumdrops to the skewers and toothpicks and let their creativity shine. Build your little one's math skills by counting the gumdrops as you go, and promote early geometry skills by talking with your children about the shapes they are creating and how they combine to make other shapes.

These yummy and pretty trees make cute gifts and table decorations as well!

Melting Magic

Nothing is better than a white Christmas, and this fun activity uses snow to help explain water and its various properties. Put snow, ice, and water in each of the three jars, and have your kids observe as the snow and ice melt.

Prepare questions in advance to pique their curiosity! Observe at what temperature the snow and ice start to melt - is it the same or different and why? Take guesses as to how much water will be in the jar once the snow and ice are fully melted (and whether or not there will be the same amount of water in each after it melts). After you see the results, have your kids discuss their findings. This activity teaches observation and estimating skills, and it's also a great way to get the kids outside to collect some fluffy snow!

Tangram Christmas Cookies

Hone your math skills and create a tasty treat to share with the whole family with these tangram cookies! This activity is good for building geometry skills, developing spatial awareness, and problem-solving.

After the baking is done, decorate your cookies with toppings of your choosing. You and your child can think of holiday themed cookies you want to create, and then identify the shapes you will need to make them. These delicious and fun cookies make great gifts for friends and family as well!

Crystal Christmas Wreaths

These breathtaking Crystal Wreath Ornaments are just as much fun to look at as they are to make. This activity must be supervised by an adult (kids should not handle borax) and may be more appropriate for older kids. It also needs to sit for 12 hours, so be sure to set their expectations in advance!

For this activity you’ll need: green garland pieces, ribbon, borax, hot water, a large bowl, chopstick (or other sticks), and other decorative bits like ribbons or bells.

Use this activity to talk with your kids about how different properties interact, and research why the borax and water combined create beautiful crystals. Best of all, at the end of this fun activity you get a gorgeous ornament the whole family can enjoy to hang on your tree!

What are some of your favorite holiday crafts and activities? Share in the comments!

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