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Which discovery fits your personality?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Large and small, all scientific discoveries help us build a better understanding of our world. From some of the early scientists who thought they could turn ordinary metals into gold to the far out astrophysicists who make space travel possiblethese discoveries build on each other and grow from just a tiny seed to a towering tree.

Just last year, the first vaccines based on mRNA technology were developed and approved, a journey that wouldn’t have been possible without Ada Yonath’s Nobel Prize-winning work mapping out the structure of ribosomes.

Every new discovery leads to new hypotheses, new experiments, and new breakthroughs. Thanks to the hard work of female scientists, we know more than ever about the incredible things on earth... and above it... and below it!

Take our latest quizyou'll dive into some important scientific breakthroughs of the past while you uncover which discovery fits your personality!

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