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Which Woman in Biology are YOU?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Women have been making essential scientific discoveries since the dark ages (literally!), but their achievements often go unrecognized. In fact, the prestigious Nobel Prize has been around for 118 years, but women have only been awarded 3% of the total prizes in Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine/Physiology.

Mary Wissinger, author of Women in Biology, did her research and wrote about just a few of the many women who have made the field of biology what it is today. Now, kids and adults can learn alongside the inspirational women who've changed the world with their scientific discoveries!

Women in Biology is the first book in our Science Wide Open series. It will be out in paperback in English and Spanish this October. What better way to begin your own scientific explorations than by learning which female scientist you are most similar to?

Want to find out which biologist you would be? Take the quiz below!

Learn more about the contributions of women in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with our Women in Science and Las mujeres en la cienca book sets!

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