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Which woman in physics would be your lab partner?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Whether it’s by building lego sets with friends, digging in the dirt outside with the neighborhood kids, or by testing out hypotheses with family membersSTEM education starts early. And when you combine science and literacy, the potential for education is endless.

Science starts with curiosity, asking questions, answering them, and most importantly, discussing them. Many successful scientists worked in teams, consulting their lab groups and fellow researchers as the work progressed.

When we think about some of the greatest achievements in the last century, they were often the outcome of collaboration. Undertakings such as the International Space Station, the Human Genome Project, and the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership are all the result of bringing people together from diverse backgrounds, often across borders, to promote fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Journey into your high school science classroom, throw on some lab goggles, find a beaker, and take our quiz to find out for yourself which famous woman in physics would be your lab partner!

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