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World Oceans Day

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Yesterday, June 8th, was World Oceans Day! This internationally recognized holiday is designed to celebrate the world’s oceans and mobilize people to participate in conservation initiatives for vulnerable marine life. It was first proposed by delegates from Canada during the 1992 Earth Summit, and it has since grown in popularity with recognition from the United Nations.

At Science Naturally, we strive to equip children with knowledge about current environmental issues as part of our mission to increase science literacy. Getting into the spirit of World Oceans Day is a terrific way to help children begin fostering an appreciation for ocean life, so that they are prepared to take care of their planet.

Fun Facts About the World’s Oceans

world ocean day fun facts life science celebrating STEM
  1. The ocean contains the world’s longest mountain range, the Mid-Oceanic Range, which runs 65,000 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. The ocean also contains the planet’s deepest pointthe Marianas Trench.

  3. Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the world’s surface!

  4. There are more historical artifacts located beneath the ocean’s surface than there are in all of the world’s museums!

  5. The ocean contains 50-80 percent of all life, and it is estimated that we only know a fraction of the marine species that exist.

Celebrating World Oceans Day

An abundance of fun activities are available to help you and your kids celebrate World Oceans Day. Even if you do not live close to an ocean, this holiday presents the perfect motivation to begin accumulating more knowledge about marine life and the value of ocean conservation from the comfort of your home. The ocean is a fascinating subject for kids to engage with all 365 days of the year!

Books are an excellent resource for kids to explore the wonders of the ocean while experiencing valuable family time and brushing up on their reading skills. Loving Kai, a book that contains collaborative writing and artwork on the ocean from communities all over the world, is set to be released on June 8th. All proceeds from the purchase of the book go to The Ocean Project, which runs World Oceans Day every year. One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies documents the captivating journeys that loggerhead sea turtles make over the course of their lifetime and is a terrific starting point for learning about endangered species. A book that shows a variety of animals, like Cuddled and Carried, by Dia L Michels, is a good way to help kids compare the way animals live and survive in the ocean to the way humans and other land animals live.

STEM STEAM world oceans marine biology kids celebrate world oceans day

Another way to get kids involved with World Oceans Day is through a fun DIY project! Consider making paper collages of sea creatures as a family art project. You will need:

  • White paper (you can either use blank sheets and let kids draw their own sea creatures, or find a coloring book with outlines of ocean scenes.)

  • Construction paper in a few different colors

  • Glue

It’s easy—simply tear up the construction paper and use glue to apply it within the sea creature outlines. Kids will end up with a project to be proud of, and you can compliment the activity by helping them look up fun facts about the animals they have chosen.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to live near the beach, taking kids for a walk with a seashell identification guide (or just a walk) is an opportune activity for appreciating the ocean’s beauty and value. Like the ocean itself, the possibilities for educating yourself on Earth’s amazing sea creatures are limitless!

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