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Zoo Lover's Day

zoo lovers day animal conservation preservation zoos mammals life science

Every year on April 8th we celebrate Zoo Lover's Day! People of all ages love a chance to take a trip to the zoo; it's fun for the whole family!

Many of us have fond childhood memories of taking a trip to the local zoo and observing all the magnificent wildlife. It's truly amazing to see your favorite animals up close, and learn more about animals and their habitats.

Zoos are more than just a place to view animals, however, they can also teach us about the conservation and preservation of all the wonderful wildlife around us! Zoo professionals work hard to share their knowledge and awareness about these beautiful animals.

Conservation and Preservation

zoo lovers day animal conservation preservation zoos mammals life science

Did you know that while you are enjoying your day looking at the animals that you are also learning about their conservation and preservation?

Zoos may have started off as a place to show off exotic animals, but today many zoos are keen to educate their visitors about animal conservation and preservation and invest time and resources to help maintain animals' natural environment.

Many zoos use conservation efforts in their exhibit designs to protect their animals and their habitats, especially for species that are severely endangered and are no longer living in the wild. Zoos across the world are working to help preserve all amazing creatures so they will one day have the chance to roam free in the wild once again.

Zoo Professionals

zoo lovers day animal conservation preservation zoos mammals life science

Every zoo is staffed with highly trained professionals that provide excellent care and for their animals everyday.

From the very moment you walk through the gates of your local zoo, you and your child are immersed into a new world, and it's an amazing chance to learn more about animals and the natural world. The dedicated zoo staff is always ready to educate people on the amazing wildlife that they spend their lives protecting everyday.

Many zoos also work directly with conservation workers to educate them or send zoo keepers abroad to contribute their knowledge and skills to help to improve conditions and habitats for animals all over the world!

With spring in the air it is the perfect time to visit a zoo and take the opportunity to learn more about animals and how you can help with animal preservation!

What are some of your favorite animals to see in the zoo? Let us know in the comments!

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