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Winter, spring, summer, and fall… discover the spheres that surround us all!


Introduce kids to the early math concept of three-dimensional shapes by whisking them away on a tour of the four seasons. From a little ball of cookie dough to the huge Earth we live on, Spheres All Year teaches children to recognize the spherical objects that surround them in nature and in their everyday lives. Combining early math and early literacy, it’s the perfect read for storytime at home or in the classroom.


With this book as their guide, curious children will set out to discover more spheres in the world around them.

Spheres All Year

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    Pages 32

    Hardback: 978-1-958629-22-2

    Paperback: 978-1-958629-21-5

    eBook: 978-1-958629-18-5

    Dimensions 8" x 8"
    Age Range


    Grade Range PreK-2nd
    Language English
    Publication Date June 2023
  • "What a wonderful, educational book for children, teaching the concept of spheres by providing examples children see throughout their everyday life, in nature, and across the seasons. The pictures and rhymes are playful and fun, and I loved the final pages in the book which take it a step further by explaining 2-D and 3-D shapes— these could easily be glossed over for younger children who aren't ready for these concepts yet, but I thought the book explained dimensions in a way that is very easy for children to understand!"


    —LibraryThing Early Review, Bookworm985



    "...a colorful romp of discovering a world filled with spheres. This picture book is sure to capture the very young in pointing out the balls on each page and will grow with the child in eventually understanding 2D and 3D."


    —LibraryThing Early Review, Dawn1361



    " easy way for children to grasp the concept of what a sphere is and even form their own examples. The illustrations [are] beautifully done and adds to the fun rhythm-like text on each page...."


    —LibraryThing Early Review, kstevens102315

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