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How I wonder what you are...
Let's explore beyond our star!

Everyday, the sun sets and the sky grows dark. Twinkling stars start to shine, and we watch the moon as it changes phases throughout the month. But the sky we see each night is only a small piece of our huge universe. What else is out there in the nighttime sky?


Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky is the second board book in the Skytime series, following Twinkle, Twinkle, Daytime Star. Based on the familiar nursery rhyme, the Skytime series first introduces kids to the bright star that lights our daytime sky, and now explores the universe beyond our solar system!


Readers learn about constellations, how the moon affects the tides, astronauts and the moon landing, our Milky Way galaxy and the billions more galaxies out in space, phenomena such as comets and nebulas, and so much more.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky is a must-have for children who love marveling at the stars and learning about astronauts and planets. With breathtaking illustrations of space and fascinating facts, this book puts our one-of-a-kind planet in perspective!

Coming February 2024

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Book details

Age range 

2 - 7 years

Grade range 

Preschool - 2nd grade

Board book (ISBN 978-1-958629-37-6)


eBook (ISBN 978-1-958629-38-3)


Bilingual (English/Spanish) Board book

(ISBN 978-1-958629-39-0)


Bilingual (English/Spanish) eBook

(ISBN 978--1958629-40-6)


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"A wonderful primer to get small children excited about learning about space."

—Goodreads reviewer Pamela Powell

"Beautifully illustrated bilingual board book for little ones and their caregivers to share! Everett’s rhyming couplets have great rhythm and rhyme in their English version and cover interesting facts about space and space travel."

—Goodreads reviewer Melanie Dulaney

About the


About the


Elizabeth Everett Headshot (Author).jpg

Elizabeth Everett spent 16 years as a classroom teacher before venturing into writing. Inspired by her energetic youngster, Jalen, and his love for books, she took her background in education and meshed it with his childhood interests. The result was edu-tainment in the form of children’s books!

She currently lives in Colorado with her family where they love spending time outdoors in the Western sun. This is her first children’s book and she is excited to have several more coming out soon.


She can be reached at

Beatriz Castro has been drawing and writing fantastic stories since she was a little girl. She studied illustration at the School of Arts in Logroño, Spain.


Inspired by the natural world, Beatriz specializes in colorful images and funny character designs. Her fun and beautiful art appears in books published around the world. She likes classic stories and fairy tales and listens to rock and punk music.


You can see more of her work at

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