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How I wonder what you are… let’s explore beyond our star!


Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky is the second board book in the Skytime series, based on a cozy and familiar nurser rhyme. Young readers are introduced to the vast, remarkable sky beyond our solar system.


When we look up at the stars, what we see is only a small piece of our huge universe. What else is out there in the nighttime sky? Learn about constellations, how the moon affects the tides, astronauts and the moon landing, our Milky Way galaxy and the billions more galaxies out in space, phenomena such as comets and nebulas, and so much more.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky is a must-have for children who love marveling at the stars and learning about astronauts and planets. With breathtaking illustrations of space and fascinating facts, this book puts our one-of-a-kind planet in perspective!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky

SKU: 978-1-958629-37-6
  • Product Type Board Book
    Pages 24
    ISBN 978-1-958629-37-6
    Dimensions  7″ x 7″
    Age Range 2-7
    Grade Range Preschool - 2nd
    Language English
    Publication Date February 2024
  • "The text plays off the traditional rhyme about the star, but adds in scientific vocabulary and information. The illustrations are a great accompaniment to the text. References are made to the tidal effects of the moon, telescopes, lunar landings, planets, exploration, and more. A wonderful primer to get small children excited about learning about space."


    —Goodreads reviewer Pamela Powell



    "Everett’s rhyming couplets have great rhythm and rhyme in their English version and cover interesting facts about space and space travel."


    –Goodreads reviewer Melanie Dulaney

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