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Fog and Nature

The students were pleased with the weather on the day of their field trip. It had rained the previous day and night, but this morning it was only cool and cloudy as the kids walked to the Visitors’ Center.


The class was learning about different ecosystems, and had taken a bus to a park with a meadow, a pond, and woods. They were divided into three groups to collect samples and take pictures. They had walkie-talkies to keep in touch because cell phones didn’t work there.



One group walked down a long, steep path to Frog Pond with Mr. Wysor. Marcel and Tucker’s group hiked across to the meadow with Ms. Smith, while the third group took on the task of studying the woods on a hillside with Mrs. Hammerick.



After an hour or so, Ms. Smith’s group was finished. They walked back to the Visitors’ Center, but neither of the other groups had returned. Ms. Smith asked Marcel to check on them.



“We’re finished in the meadow and can leave any time. How are you guys doing? Over,” he said into the walkie-talkie.



“We have our samples and are just taking the last of the pictures. We will start walking back in a couple of minutes. Over,” a voice replied.



“We’re getting samples, but it’s so foggy here that the pictures won’t be any good. Give us another 20 minutes. Maybe the fog will lift. Over,” another voice responded.



“I didn’t recognize those voices. Which group needs more time?” Tucker asked Marcel.

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