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Halloween Bonus Mystery

Selected from: One Minute Mysteries: 65 MORE Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!

Halloween Hippie

"Hey, I have an old picture of my grandma looking just like that, only it wasn't a costume to her," Kassandra said as Ingrid walked into the homeroom. "She said they actually thought they looked cool."


Their school normally had a dress code, but it was Halloween and everyone had come in wearing costumes. Ingrid was dressed like a hippie. She had a tie-dyed shirt, beads, sandals, and sunglasses with orange lenses shaped like hearts.


Ingrid took off the sunglasses for class, but put them back on in the afternoon when it was time to get ready for the Halloween party. The class was decorating the classroom and painting signs for the school parade.


Quan, who though he was funny, was hanging decorations upside down. Preston was pretending to sword fight in his pirate costume with a paint brush, and Ricky was playing with fake blood after putting some on his zombie costume.


When it was almost time for the parade, Kassandra noticed that one of the signs had been decorated with a red, rather than orange, pumpkin.


"Okay, who's the joker here?" Kassandra asked. She looked around the room for a guilty face.

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