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“Ahoy, matey!” Liam yelled, running into his older brother Theo’s bedroom.


“Go back to bed,” Theo growled. “It’s six o’clock in the morning! I need my sleep, you know.”


“But Theo, there’s part of a shipwreck out in the ocean! It looks like it’s been there for a hundred years!”


“Then it will still be there when I get up,” Theo grumbled and rolled over.

It was their family’s first morning of vacation after arriving late the night before at a beach they had never been to before. Liam was an early riser and had walked down to the beach just after dawn. Since Theo didn’t want to get up and no one else was awake, Liam went to his room to read.


When Theo finally woke up around noon and went to the beach where his parents had already set up chairs and blankets, he saw sunburned people under umbrellas and sand crabs scurrying around, but nothing in the ocean except waves.


“Have you seen a shipwreck out there?” Theo asked his parents.


“No, but we’ve only been here for an hour,” their father said to Theo. “We slept in a little. Then the three of us went straight to the grocery store while you slept.”


“After we put away the groceries we came here,” their mother added. “Liam told us about a shipwreck, but we haven’t seen it yet.”


“The shipwreck is out there, and I’ll prove it,” Liam said.


“How?” Theo asked.

Image by Tom Reynolds
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