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Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder? What keeps the planets orbiting around the sun? Why do we put salt on roads when they are icy? What metal is a liquid at room temperature? And the burning question: Why do so many scientists wear white lab coats?


Science affects everything -- yet so many of us wish we understood it better. Using an accessible question-and-answer approach, 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Scienceexpands every reader’s knowledge. Key concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, earth and general science are explored and demystified by an award-winning science writer and a seasoned educational trainer. Endorsed by science organizations and educators, this book is perfect for kids, grown-ups, and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how science impacts everyday life.


As featured on the Reading Rockets "Secrets of Science" booklistScience is full of secrets that we're just beginning to explore. In these recommended books for kids ages 0-9, you'll discover the clues of our past, experience the wonder of climbing the world's highest peak, feel the vastness of outer space, and learn the mysterious process by which corn becomes popcorn!

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science

SKU: 978-0-9678020-5-3
  • Product Type Paperback
    Pages  168
    ISBN 978-0-9678020-5-3
    Dimensions  5.5” x 8.5”
    Age Range 8-12
    Grade Range 3-8
    Language English
    Publication Date March 2006


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