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Encourage young readers to grow their knowledge with this Spanish-langauge life sciences picture book set. This unique four-book set introduces young readers to some of the most innovative female life scientists, then dives into nature to explore the world and wildlife that surround us.


In the award-winning Las mujeres en la biología and Las mujeres en la botánica, meet some of the most important figures in those fields and learn about their groundbreaking discoveries. Next, see food webs, ecosystems, and energy cycles in action in the beautiful book, Este es el Sol. And what life science collection would be complete without seeing how mammal babies journey from helplessness to maturity? Así crezco takes kids around the world as they see how babies gain the skills they need to survive… and thrive. These books perfectly blend literacy, art, and science to nurture new life scientists!

Ciencias naturales Paperback Set

SKU: 978-1-958629-48-2

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