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2 puzzles, 2x the brain food!

Watch the human head and heart come to life in great detail. 


Ditch the anatomy textbook for hands-on learning with these fascinating puzzles that dive deep into the human body. Double the challenge with this 2-puzzle set!  Dr. Livingston’s Head and Thorax are each a stand-alone 500-600 piece jigsaw puzzle. The vivid and accurate illustrations introduce you to your inner workings and show how the separate systems all work together to sustain the body.


After you complete the 2 puzzles, connect them to make an over 3’ replica of the human head and thorax. With anatomical reference guides included, you’ll have twice the fun! 

Dr. Livingston's Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: Head and Thorax 2-Puzzle Set

  • Volumes Vol. I and II
    Total Pieces 1038


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