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A Platypus Media favorite now available in Hebrew!


All mammal mothers feed, protect, and teach their young, even though these tasks can challenge their own needs for survival. A mammal baby’s journey to maturity varies dramatically depending on whether it is a bear or a bat, a shrew or a seal, a hippopotamus or a human. This fascinating look at life cycles portrays the normalcy of birth and breastfeeding and explores how mothers help 14 different mammals navigate the path from helpless infants to self-sufficient adults.

If My Mom Were a Platypus (Hebrew Edition)

SKU: 978-0-9678020-8-4
  • Product Type Hardcover
    Pages 64
    ISBN 978-0-9678020-8-4
    Age Range

    4-8 as a Read-a-Loud

    8-12 as an Independent Reader

    Grade Range 3-6
    Language Hebrew


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