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Explode an early interest in science with this introduction to chemistry!


Make the invisible exciting with these five award-winning picture books that lay the foundation of chemistry fundamentals. Start with the essential building blocks for everything in the universe—from the water you drink to the hair on your head. Designed to spark a natural love of science, Atoms, Protons and Neutrons, and Electrons present the story of subatomic particles in the form of friendly characters. Next, in Mole and Tell, six inquisitive kids use the power of their curiosity to put together a Show and Tell like you’ve never seen before. This delightful introduction to measuring chemical elements gives us the perfect lead-in to learning about some of history’s most groundbreaking women in their field in Women in Chemistry. Read these books to the children in your life… you're sure to get a reaction! 

Intro to Chemistry Paperback Set

SKU: 978-1-958629-49-9

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