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Written by TV meteorologist Guy Brown, Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be is finally available! This project was fully funded on Kickstarter.


Go behind the scenes of weather forecasting with TV meteorologist Guy Brown! Guy shares his weather journal to show you exactly what weather forecasting is like—from reading satellite images at the studio, to going on location in inclement weather conditions.


Since weather affects all living things, predicting and responding to changes in the weather is important to both humans and animals. In his journal, Guy tells you all about how humans and animals alike respond to blinding fog, crackling thunderstorms, and whirling tornadoes. 


With Mario Lugo's vivid art, readers see some of the amazing clouds that bring us wildly different weather and learn how animals use their adaptations to weather the storms. Guy introduces readers to cloud identification techniques while sharing a glimpse into survival, in town and in the wild.


So bring your rain boots, pack some sunscreen, and get ready for a weather adventure! Don’t forget to watch the clouds and take notes along the way. By the end, you’ll be ready to become a meteorologist just like Guy.


Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be is a Kids' Book Choice Awards finalist, and winner of the Tillywig Toys Brain Child Award and Parents' Picks Award.


"Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be is a terrific introduction to weather and the tools of forecasting. It is informative, entertaining, and uplifting―featuring vivid illustrations and rhyming chapter titles that are inviting and relatable. I highly recommend this book for young readers, and for parents and teachers as well."


—Spencer Christian, Weather Forecaster, ABC7 News/KGO-TV, San Francisco


"A perfect book to help kids understand how and why meteorologists engineer weather forecasts. Guy Brown shows readers how humans and animals are universally affected by the weather. Eye-catching and inspiring!"


—Jason Lindsey, Hooked On Science, Meteorologist, STEM Certified Educator


Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be

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    Pages 54

    Hardback: 978-1-938492-42-6

    Paperback: 978-1-938492-43-3

    eBook: 978-1-938492-44-0

    Dimensions 8.5 x 11"
    Age Range


    Grade Range 2-5
    Lexile coming soon
    Language English
    Publication Date November 2021

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