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Unlock the wild world of mammals!


Fuzzy, scaly, clawed, and finned—mammals can be found in the depths of the ocean and the heights of the mountains. Mammals Unlocked illuminates the vastness of the mammal world in a simple, interactive question-and-answer format.


How wide can a hippo open its mouth? When does a camel need water? How does a platypus fight? Read the answers to all these secrets and more!


This first book in the Open Earth series is a dynamic introduction to class Mammalia, perfect for any kid who’s fascinated by mammals big and small. Discover all the facts you need in order to wow your friends, impress your teachers, and dazzle your dog! Mammals Unlocked is sure to stimulate and challenge even the most knowledgeable animal lover.

Mammals Unlocked

SKU: 978-1-958629-29-1
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    Pages 240

    Hardback: 978-1-958629-29-1

    eBook: 978-1-958629-14-7

    Dimensions 6" x 9"
    Age Range


    Grade Range 3-7
    Language English
    Publication Date November 2023
  • "Find all of what you didn’t know about mammals in this engaging and thought provoking new series. The chapters take you around the world visiting many of the over 6,400 mammal species.... Mammals Unlocked  is perfect for upper elementary and beyond. The level of curiosity is enhanced with each fact unlocked. A great gift for this upcoming holiday season."

    —Always In the Middle, Middle Grade Book Reviews



    "★★★★★ In this cleverly outlined book featuring attractive black and white sketches of the diverse assortment of animals, each page illustrates a unique mammal with an associated question.... This resource, with its engaging questions and introduction to diverse mammalian members followed by its clearly explained answers, provides an arousing and intriguing introduction to basic science and an awareness of the adaptations nature provides for the survival of the species."

    —Manhattan Book Review

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